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More flats at Koko Hills poised to go on sale

Flats at the third phase of Koko Hills, named Koko Rosso, are expected to go on sale this month.

The development by Wheelock Properties is located near Lam Tin MTR station and Phase 3A will provide 392 one-bedroom and two-bedroom units, most of them under HK$10 million.

In the luxury market, Far East Consortium International (0035) will sell the last 26 duplex flats and four villas at Mount Arcadia in Sha Tin via tender.

Villa No 2 will open as a show unit to public from today.

The project has sold 36 homes since going on the market, cashing in a total of HK$800 million.

The developer has appointed a property agency as its sole agent. The agency said that with the border reopening, mainland investors will come to Hong Kong to purchase luxury homes.

Meanwhile, two houses on Sassoon Road in the Southern District are up for sale with a reserve price of HK$550 million.

Villa Ellenbud, a Grade III historic building which includes two houses at No 50 and No 52 Sassoon Road in Pok Fu Lam, was commissioned by the executor to be put up for tender. The site can be redeveloped into two mansions with a total floor area of 1,645 square feet.

Elsewhere, Triplex A at CSI Properties' (0497) Dukes Places at Jardine's Lookout on Hong Kong Island - a special unit with an area of 4,102 sq ft, a private garden of 2,817 sq ft and two parking spaces - was sold for HK$287 million.

And Sino Land (0083) has sold four homes at Grand Central in Kwun Tong, earning more than HK$79 million.

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Hong Kong developers raise concerns over plan to build 10,700 temporary public flats in prime urban site, cast doubt on Kai Tak’s ability to handle new residents

Association representing real estate developers says it only learned about government’s plan recently and has received letters from concerned residents

According to government source, flats ‘will not obstruct’ original vision of turning Kai Tak into business hub

Hong Kong developers and a lawmaker have raised concerns about the government’s plan to build 10,700 temporary public flats on a commercial plot in a prime urban site at Kai Tak, casting doubt on the area’s ability to cope with an influx of new residents.

An association representing the city’s real estate developers on Tuesday said it would accept the government’s plan for “light public housing” as long as the arrangement was only for a short period.

“Hong Kong in fact is in need [of more housing], and we think we can compromise,” said Stewart Leung Chi-kin, the executive committee chairman of the Real Estate Developers Association. “The most important thing is to address the traffic problem.”

The group only learned of the project recently from the media and had received letters from concerned residents, he added.

The 5.7 hectare (14 acre) site in Kai Tak, which the government has earmarked as a new business hub in the long run, is among eight plots selected by authorities for 30,000 temporary flats.

The project aims to provide a short-term housing solution for residents who have been on the waiting list for subsidised homes for at least three years.

A government source said building 10,700 temporary homes at the former airport “would not obstruct” the original vision of turning the area into a business hub.

Out of the 30,000 flats, 7,400 homes in four other areas will be available in 2025, while the remaining 22,600 – including those at the Kai Tak site – will be completed in 2026. They are expected to remain in place for at least five years.

Leung explained that transport links in Kai Tak, particularly ones leading to existing upscale residential developments and hotels along the former runway, have been a long-standing concern since the government scrapped proposal for a monorail in 2020.

He said developers were worried that the wave of new residents would overwhelm the Kai Tak MTR station, but he added officials had assured him that many would take buses and the transport issue would be resolved.

Leung said developers were especially concerned about the future of a community isolation facility for Covid-19 patients located near the cruise terminal.

With 2,100 units, the Kai Tak facility began operations in August last year and currently has a mock-up flat for the light public housing scheme.

Chief Executive John Lee Ka-chiu on Tuesday said the isolation and treatment centres built for the coronavirus pandemic may be dismantled or repurposed after a review.

The Housing Bureau earlier said they were open to the idea of turning the centres into light public housing units.

Leung predicted developers would make “a lot of noise” if the facility in Kai Tak was repurposed. They feared doing so would clash with the area’s positioning as an upmarket residential area and undermine its appeal to land bidders.

“Repurposing that facility will ruin the entire Kai Tak area,” he said. “The government must stick to the plan it had previously envisioned.”

Legislator Kitson Yang Wing-kit, a Kowloon City district councillor, said he planned to stage a rally on February 11 to oppose the Kai Tak proposal. He predicted the project would cast a shadow over the area’s positioning as a new core business district.

The government source said community leaders would be consulted, adding the Kai Tak site did not adjoin any private residential developments and that neighbours would benefit from the amenities provided on the ground floor of the light public housing blocks.

The source on Tuesday confirmed it would cost HK$2.5 billion (US$319 million) to operate and maintain the scheme’s 30,000 units for five years. The amount is in addition to the HK$26.4 billion construction cost announced earlier.

The source said operations would be outsourced to non-governmental organisations and property management companies.

The government will make a HK$14.9 billion funding request at a meeting of the Public Works Subcommittee on February 8. A second funding request is expected to be made for the scheme before the second quarter of 2024.

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零售物業租金 料繼續受壓





中環逾百萬呎商業樓面 料今年落成

中環新落成的甲廈項目供應罕有,而區內2個甲廈重建項目預計陸續於今年落成,單計該2項目,料提供於逾100萬平方呎樓面,環顧該區未來商廈供應,恒地 (00012) 所佔的樓面最多,涉逾200萬平方呎。

The Henderson 36層甲廈 外型破格

中環、金鐘一帶為傳統商業核心區,區內的新商業用地供應極度罕有,有價有市,故每當有地皮推出,吸引大型發展商競投,其中恒地早於2017年以約232.8億元奪得 (每平方呎樓面地價逾5萬元) 的前美利道停車場大廈項目,已發展為 The Henderson。項目為1幢36層高 (另設5層地庫) 的甲級商廈,總樓面面積約46.5萬平方呎,料於2023年落成。

項目由世界知名扎哈·哈迪德建築師事務所 (Zaha Hadid Architects) 設計,引入曲面玻璃幕牆,建築外形破格新穎,在該帶的商業建築群中相當突出。


另外,前身為和記大廈的長實 (01113) 夏愨道和記大廈重建項目,去年亦已經正式命名為長江集團中心二期 (Cheung Kong Center II),預計同樣於今年落成。早在1974年落成的和記大廈當年樓高23層,重建後物業樓高將增至41層,提供約185個車位,總樓面面積約55萬平方呎。換言之,兩個料於今年落成的中環全新商廈項目,將為區內新增約101.5萬平方呎的商業樓面。

值得留意的是,恒地近年密密擴展區內勢力,約於5年內已經連奪2幅中環地王。繼上述投得美利道商業地王後,恒地於2021年再以約508億元 (每平方呎樓面地價約3.1萬元) 投得中環新海濱3號用地,成交總價創下全港歷來最貴重地皮紀錄。據發展商早前透露,項目將會分2期發展,第1期將於2027年落成,包括約27萬平方呎辦公室樓面、約34萬平方呎零售、餐飲和娛樂空間;第2期涉約39萬平方呎,辦公室樓面及約60萬平方呎零售空間,將於2032年落成。



更多The Henderson寫字樓出租樓盤資訊請參閱:The Henderson 寫字樓出租




大額成交增 海富中心1.88億沽

中港兩地已經展開首階段通關,市場憧憬商業市道會進一步好轉,最近金鐘一帶亦錄得大額商廈成交。據資料顯示,金鐘指標商廈海富中心二座 15樓全層近日以約1.88億元沽出,按該層面積約10,627平方呎計,呎價約1.77萬元成交,屬低於市價成交。據了解,新買家為內企信義玻璃。