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Developers in race to build

The Buildings Department has approved 18 building plans in July, including eight apartment and apartment/commercial developments and three commercial ones.

Chinachem Group's development at the junction of Tonkin and Fuk Wing streets was one of the 18 projects, with a 22-story mixed-use building set to go up, involving 8,061.3 square meters in residential gross floor area and 1,612 sq m for non-residential areas.

It secured the project from the Urban Renewal Authority for HK$912.8 million last year.

Another approved Chinachem project in Hiram's Highway near Heung Chung Road, which it purchased for HK$531.9 million last year, will see single family houses and apartments with a total gross floor area of 5,301.2 sq m.

The average one-month Hong Kong interbank offered rate in July dropped one basis point from a month ago to 0.07, a new low that was seen 11 years ago, according to a mortgage broker.

Henderson Land Development (0012) has received 900 checks for The Holborn in Quarry Bay, which is an oversubscription of more than six times for the 128 units up for sale on Sunday.

Its other project, The Henley III in Kai Tak, will launch sales on Monday.

The project is 13 times oversubscribed after receiving 1,180 checks for 81 units in the latest batch up for sale.

Meanwhile, Kwai Hung Group's Mangrove in Hung Hom is 60 times oversubscribed after receiving over 8,000 checks for all of 130 units up for sale tomorrow.

The prices range from HK$3.32 million to HK$9.1 million after discounts, or from HK$17,281 to HK$28,016 per sq ft.

Sun Hung Kai Properties' (0016) matriarch Kwong Siu-hing increased her stake in the company.

She acquired a total of 450,000 shares at an average price of HK$106.6891 per share on September 15, data from the exchange shows.

As a result, her stake in SHKP is up 0.01 percentage point to 26.73 percent.

(The Standard)


HSBC, BOCHK among lenders staying away from Kwai Hung’s Mangrove project amid caution around mortgage lending

Large banks avoiding mortgages for incomplete units at the same time a first for Hong Kong, broker said

Mortgages for completed homes in the first eight months of 2021 jumped 23.3 per cent year on year, but those for incomplete units sank 22.9 per cent

Hong Kong banks are becoming more cautious in their mortgage lending, particularly for incomplete projects built by smaller developers.

HSBC, Bank of China (Hong Kong), Hang Seng Bank, Bank of East Asia (BEA) and Standard Chartered are among lenders that have stayed away from mortgages for uncompleted units at Kwai Hung Group’s Mangrove development, according to sources familiar with the matter. All 130 units at the development in Hung Hom will be up for sale this Saturday.

Mortgages for “incomplete units are not being approved. If you choose the [45 days] Cash Payment Plan [for incomplete units], that probably will not be approved”, said a staffer handling phone enquiries for Mangrove.

“When the bank processes mortgage applications for new projects, it will depend on different factors such as the closing period and market conditions,” a Hang Seng spokesman said in an email.

BEA said it would not offer mortgages for incomplete flats at Mangrove. “Mortgage applications for uncompleted flats take time to process,” a spokesperson said. “As a result, we do not offer this type of mortgages for the Mangrove, as [that of] this project is to be completed in 45 days.” However, the bank said it “do provide mortgages for this project on a legal charge basis”, which are those drawn down when the flats are completed.

The city’s overall number of mortgages for completed homes in the first eight months of this year jumped 23.3 per cent year on year to 64,777, according to a mortgage broker. That of incomplete units, however, sank 22.9 per cent year on year to 3,900.

“This is the first time in Hong Kong’s history that large banks have refused to take mortgages for cash payment plans [applicable to incomplete units] at the same time,” another mortgage broker said. “It is believed to be due to the recent cases of abnormal delays in the delivery of a number of new properties, and even the cancellation of a presale consent of an incomplete project.”

A presale consent is needed from the government before a developer can start selling a project before its completion. Grand Homm, a luxury residential project developed by a unit wholly-owned by the Chinese tycoon Pan Sutong in the Ho Man Tin residential area of Kowloon district, had its presale consent cancelled on August 27.

The delivery of China Evergrande’s Emerald Bay Phase 2 in Tuen Mun was delayed from mid-August to mid this month. Some banks reportedly stopped providing new mortgages to buyers of incomplete flats in this project and The Vertex in Cheung Sha Wan in July.

A Hong Kong Monetary Authority spokesperson said on Thursday that it does not comment on individual cases, and whether a bank provides mortgage services with respect to a property project was a commercial decision of the bank’s.

As there is no existing property to be used as collateral for mortgages of incomplete units, for banks the risk of such mortgages is higher than those for completed units, a mortgage broker said. Banks always evaluate the conditions of a project and check whether a developer is on the approved list before taking mortgages for uncompleted units, the broker added.

“I believe it is because they did not fully grasp the conditions of certain small and medium-sized developers,” the broker said. “Therefore, in the process of credit risk assessment, they chose to only accept more secure mortgages for completed units.”

In Mangrove’s case, the banks are not familiar with Kwai Hung, according to the mortgage broker. The company has not offered a new housing project for sale since 2002.

“As far as [we] know, most banks are willing to provide mortgages for completed units, which are, mortgages for the stage payment plan,” a Kwai Hung spokeswoman said. “The developer has been liaising closely with banks to coordinate mortgage and financial arrangements.”

Buyers can ask the developer to shift their payment method after signing the formal sale and purchase agreement, which will be free of charge, the spokeswoman added.

Mangrove had received more than 8,000 registrations of intent for units that range from 186 sq ft to 334 sq ft, as of Thursday evening. The project is due to be completed on June 30, 2022, meaning buyers can only apply for a mortgage when the flats are due for delivery next year.

(South China Morning Post)


金朝陽1.3億收購葵涌工廈 鄧成波家族再沽貨 涉地庫及地廠等

















根據分區計畫大綱核准圖,該物業現址劃為「住宅 (甲類) 2」用途,將以「現況」及連租約形式出售。符源續表示,近期南區黃竹坑新盤開售均報捷,成為市場焦點,港鐵南港島綫通車後,相信會繼續帶動該區發展;加上鴨脷洲不乏收購合併,反映無論發展商及投資者均一致看好南區的發展潛力。

據土地註冊處資料顯示,上址原業主於11年以3150萬購入,以公司名義LOFTLIVING LIMITED持有,註冊董事名為Raoul Gustav Preller。



油麻地區擬寬高限 發展商重建受惠

涉彌敦道兩旁改劃及重建地盤 包括諾富特酒店

規劃署建議修訂《油麻地分區計劃大綱圖》,提出把區內多幅商業及住宅地放寬高度限制,估計區內部分擬改劃項目以及將收購重建的地盤可以受惠,包括資本策略 (00497) 等。


規劃署擬修訂《油麻地分區計劃大綱圖》,其規劃範圍涉約1,318萬平方呎;署方計劃將彌敦道兩旁、現規劃為「商業」地帶的高度限制,由100米 (主水平基準上,下同) 放寬1成至110米。同時,位處範圍內西面、現劃為「住宅 (甲類)」用地的高度限制,亦計劃由80米放寬25%至100米。而位於文成街兩旁的「住宅 (甲類) 2」地帶亦擬改劃「住宅 (甲類)」,同樣把高限由80米放寬至100米。



酒店早前向城規會申請改建為住宅、商店及寫字樓的綜合發展用途,將興建1幢樓高28層 (包括3層地庫及地面) 的綜合大樓,總樓面約254,332平方呎,擬建項目的商店及寫字樓部分位於地下至8樓,住宅則處於8樓以上,合共提供285單位,該方案已於2月獲批。是次放寬高限,料可增加擬建層數或樓底高度。

樂風集團南京街舊樓 料受惠







投資者重臨 核心區舖位連錄買賣


近期市場錄得多宗銀行沽舖個案,其中中環更錄有大額成交。涉及花旗銀行 (香港) 以7.1億元,沽出中環會德豐大廈地下A舖、地庫連同外牆,物業面積約1.19萬平方呎,在8月19日透過招標形式以7.1億元沽出。花旗銀行於04年12月以3.9億元買入舖位,是次易手帳面獲利3.2億元,升值82%。該舖位於德輔道中及畢打街交界,為中環心臟地段,過往極少成交。

「台灣張」7.1 購中環花旗銀行舖

新買家為騰倡有限公司 (SHINY PROFIT LIMITED),公司董事為有「台灣張」之稱的投資者張彥緒。事實上,張氏過往多次購核心區物業,例如曾於沙士時低價1.1億元購入羅素街,並於2011年以11億元沽出。近年他罕有大手入市,現逾7億元購核心區舖位。

另外,銅鑼灣波斯富街21至27號本德大廈地下A至D號舖至2樓,以5.25億元成交,據了解,該舖面積約1.38萬平方呎,物業早年曾由本地時裝品牌包浩斯 (00483) 短租,2019年則由夾公仔店以約48萬元租用,目前1及2樓已交吉。該廈為處單邊,兼面積較大,為區內罕有放售。此外,物業具收購價值,樓齡達57年,整批舖位佔大廈業權逾16%。舖位原業主是被稱為「大坑舖王」的周炳權家族,部分舖位早於50年前已購入。

耀才證券葉茂林 連環購銅鑼灣舖











佳寶連環沽貨 同時放售逾10舖



沽西灣河屯門舖 套現2





口罩店落戶名店商場 預租ifc mall

位處1樓人流最旺 料屬同區搬遷

疫情下口罩成為必需品,令口罩店愈開愈多,連國際品牌雲集的中環 ifc mall,亦招攬口罩店進駐。本地口罩生產商masklab,租用中環國際金融中心 ifc mall一樓約500平方呎的舖位,預計屬同區搬遷及升級。

中環ifc商場向來雲集國際奢侈品、時裝等,在疫情下口罩店漸受歡迎,成為商場招攬對象。中環ifc商場1樓1019B舖,面積約500平方呎,獲口罩店masklab預租,近日該舖外已掛起品牌標誌,現正裝修中快將開業。位置上,ifc商場1樓連接天橋,前往多幢寫字樓,故商場1樓人流最旺,包括Apple Store等亦設於該層。是次涉及舖位面向交易廣場出口,上班人士必經之路,故屬商場內一個人流暢旺舖位。

華人行分店 獲其他品牌預租













根據土地註冊處資料,葵涌華星街13至17號南華冷房大廈地庫、低層地下及平台部分,由金朝陽 (00878) 斥資1.3億元購入,總建築面積約16500方呎,呎價約7879元。物業原由資深投資者「舖王」鄧成波家族擁有,於2018年8月以近1.39億元購入,持貨3年,賬面虧損880萬元,貶值約6.3%。





上述深水埗東京街/福榮街發展項目,獲批建1幢22層高 (在6層基座及1層高地庫之上) 的商住物業,提供8.67萬方呎樓面住宅及1.73萬方呎非住宅樓面。華懋指出,項目料提供175個中小型單位,估計2023年至2024年間落成。

至於蠔涌西貢公路近響鐘路項目,亦獲批建6座兩至三層洋房,另有兩座3層高 (在兩層基座之上) 及三座6層高 (在1層地庫之上)的住宅,共提供5.7萬方呎住宅樓面。

另屋宇署最新資料顯示,該署7月批出18份建築圖則,包括8項住宅及商住發展、3項商業發展等,除上述兩個華懋項目外,盈大地產 (0432)、資策 (0497) 合作的中環己連拿利3至6號,獲批建1座30層高 (在1層地庫之上) 商住物業,涉9.18萬方呎住宅及3500方呎非住宅樓面。


元朗炮仗坊8號,即去年結業、有59年歷史的元朗戲院原址,獲批建1座21層高 (在兩層地庫之上) 商住物業,並設安老設施,提供近3.05萬方呎住宅及2.18萬方呎非住宅樓面。

前元朗戲院改建商住樓 附安老設施

樂風集團等於去年以3.1億元購入的旺角洗衣街181至183號,獲批建1座18層高 (在4層基座之上) 商住物業,提供2.238萬方呎住宅及逾6000方呎非住宅樓面。

首7月私宅動工4586伙 6年同期低位

另外,有代理表示,7月只有1個私宅項目動工 (按屋宇署接獲上蓋建築工程動工通知為準),涉121伙,按月減近93%,今年首7個月累計私宅動工4586伙,較去年同期的6022伙少近24%,是自2015年以來的6年同期新低。此外,規劃署建議修訂《油麻地分區計劃大綱圖》,將彌敦道兩旁現規劃為「商業」地帶的高度限制,由100米 (主水平基準上,下同) 放寬一成至110米,而區內西面目前劃為「住宅 (甲類)」用地的高度限制,由80米放寬25%至100米。