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Property deals soar to 24-year high at $468b

Local property transactions surged 74.2 percent year-on-year to HK$468.71 billion in the first half as of June 29, hitting a 24-year high, according to property agency.

The transactions included residential properties in the primary and secondary market, commercial properties and car-parking spaces, and the number of transactions jumped 52.1 percent to 49,795 in the first half as of June 29, a more-than-eight-year high, it said.

In the primary market, 8,087 deals of private residential flats were recorded during the period, up 25.2 percent year-on-year, with the total consideration rising 57.8 percent to HK$111.51 billion.

In the secondary market, the number of transactions increased 48.1 percent to 32,737 during the period, with the total consideration up by 62.8 percent to HK$280.06 billion.

In the commercial market, an property agency recorded 96 transactions at 50 Grade A office buildings in the first half, up by 182.35 percent year-on-year.

Separately, three flats at Grand Victoria were sold for about HK$44.71 million in total. The property in Cheung Sha Wan is being developed by Wheelock Properties, Sino Land (0083), K Wah International (0173), Shimao (0813) and SEA Holdings (0251).

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Hong Kong government departments take advantage of falling rents to lease more office space in Kowloon

The Transport Department recently signed a lease in Kowloon, while the Lands Department is looking additional office space, according to property agency

With more companies starting to expand amid an improving economy, the city’s grade A office market recorded its first net absorption since July 2019, another agency said

The Hong Kong government is taking advantage of the drop in office rents to seek additional space for some departments, joining private companies looking to expand amid an improving economy.

The Transport Department recently signed a lease for a huge office space in Kowloon, while the Lands Department is in talks with landlords to take up additional office space, according to property agency.

In May, office rents in Kowloon East fell 9.3 per cent year on year to HK$26.9 per square foot per month, while in Central they dropped 12.9 per cent to HK$111.8 per square foot compared to a year ago, the latest data from property agency showed.

“They are mainly looking for space in Kowloon where rents are about a quarter of those on Hong Kong Island,” agent said.

The Transport Department recently leased 27,000 sq ft at Skyline Tower in Kowloon Bay, a core part of Hong Kong’s plan to transform Kowloon East into the city’s second core business district, at about HK$22 per square foot, while the Lands Department is looking for additional space close to its Cheung Sha Wan offices, the agent said.

In the past year, the Government Property Agency, which rents and allocates office space to various departments among other activities, has leased 100,000 sq ft at Skyline Tower to accommodate the back up offices of the Social Welfare Department, Immigration Department, Drainage Services Department and Audit Commission.

“The government’s move indicates rents in Kowloon East have dropped substantially,” said another agent.

Overall grade A office rents in Hong Kong have fallen about 27 per cent from the peak in June 2019, when they started their downward spiral amid the anti-government protests followed by the Covid-19 pandemic, according to the property agency. Local and multinational firms opted for downsizing or implemented work-from-home arrangements to contain costs amid tougher operating conditions.

The agent said that the rate of decline in rents has narrowed since early this year, and expects overall rents to fall by five to 10 per cent this year, compared to the 18.9 per cent plunge in 2020.

For the first five months this year, office rents have declined 4.1 per cent, ageny said. With more companies starting to expand, the property consultancy said the city’s grade A office market recorded its first net absorption since July 2019.

“We have helped several China-backed securities firms and asset management companies in Central take up more space,” the agent said.

Companies that have recently leased office space include the food delivery company Foodpanda, which leased two floors with a gross floor area of 39,000 sq ft at Times Square in Causeway Bay in June.

BitMEX, which operates a cryptocurrency derivatives exchange out of the priciest office tower in Hong Kong, is exploring the possibility of leasing additional space equivalent to half a floor at Cheung Kong Center from CK Asset Holdings.

The three-year lease of BitMEX’s 20,000 sq ft of space on the 45th floor of the tower, costing about US$600,000 per month, expires later this year.

With business confidence building up in Hong Kong in recent months, companies have started reassessing their real estate needs, agent said.

“We believe that the worst period for the office leasing market has passed and rental fall will moderate in the second half of the year for most core markets,” the agent said.

(South China Morning Post)

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Hong Kong’s real estate deals jump to 24-year high in first half buoyed by upbeat economic sentiment

Real estate deals amounted to HK$468.71 billion from January to June, the most since HK$483.6 billion in the first half of 1997, property agency data shows

Secondary housing tops the volume, accounting for nearly 60 per cent of the turnover this year

Hong Kong’s real estate market is gathering steam. Total transactions in Hong Kong’s property sector surged to a 24-year high in the first half, led by a bounce in residential assets, as investors piled into the market amid the economic recovery.

The overall volume, including homes, commercial and industrial properties and car parking spaces, rose to HK$468.71 billion (US$60.4 billion) in the first six months, the most since HK$483.6 billion in the first half of 1997, according to data compiled by property agency. It represented a 74.2 per cent jump from the same period last year, when the Covid-19 pandemic coupled with the recession dampened investor sentiment.

Secondary housing topped the list, accounting for HK$280.06 billion or nearly 60 per cent of the turnover.

“Even under the haze of the pandemic, the property market has rebounded, with the number and value of transactions rising, of which the second-hand housing market has become the main driving force,” analyst said.

The prices of lived-in homes extended a five-month rally in May and were at their highest since July 2019, according to Rating and Valuation Department data. They were also within 0.8 per cent of a historic high recorded in May 2019, before anti-government protests kicked off in the city. Some analysts have predicted that Hong Kong’s secondary home prices could rise by 5 to 10 per cent this year.

Offices saw the fastest growth in transactions, rising nearly fivefold to HK$22.58 billion in the first half compared to HK$4.52 billion a year earlier. One of the biggest transactions was the HK$10.5 billion sale of Kowloon Bay International Trade and Exhibition Centre in June, data from another property agency showed.

The office market is showing signs of recovery and will rally once the border is reopened as funds from mainland China will return, agent said.

The commercial and industrial property segment saw first-half deals increase 136 per cent to 3,623, the most since the second half of 2018 before the outbreaks of social unrest and coronavirus pandemic saw investors retreat to the sidelines, according to the agency. Transactions in the second half are expected to rise by another 25 per cent from the first half to 4,500, it estimated.

“The bottom in the industrial and commercial property market has ended, and the market is slowly entering an upward trend,” the agent said.

Separately, a real estate unit of asset manager Schroders Capital and real estate investment firm BentallGreenOak said that they have acquired an industrial property and car parking spaces at Cable TV Tower and One Midtown from Wharf Development.

Located in Tsuen Wan, the premises comprise about 568,200 sq ft of industrial space and 122 car parking spaces.

The companies paid HK$2.6 billion for the assets, according to sources. A Schroders spokesman, however, declined to confirm the price.

“In anticipation of a gradual recovery in trade and economic activities, this deal represents a strategic investment and a good opportunity to capitalise on Hong Kong’s international importance as a trading and logistics centre,” said Andrew Moore, head of Schroders Capital Real Estate Asia Pacific.

(South China Morning Post)

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紀惠集團6.9億 購中環中心全層






原業主為馬亞木,他夥拍多名投資者,於2017年向長實 (01113) 購入中環中心,而馬亞木持有當中13層樓面,如今以每呎2.7萬元沽出全層,料僅獲微利離場。














甲廈交投按年彈升1.8倍 代理:上半年錄96宗







若按地區劃分,上半年錄最多成交的為九龍區,期內合共錄60宗買賣,港島及新界區分別各錄20宗及16宗。上半年交投較活躍的大廈,包括中環中心 (8宗)、尖東新文華中心 (8宗)、觀塘寧晉中心 (6宗) 及葵涌新都會廣場 (6宗),但期內仍有多座大廈未錄得買賣,包括中環環球大廈及金鐘海富中心等港島核心區指標甲廈。













豐泰地產2.6億 放售灣仔商地盤















北環綫3中途站曝光 沿途8盤料受惠

合共涉9萬伙 包括新地多個項目

港鐵 (00066) 最近提交造價620億元的北環綫環評概要,走綫三個中途站位置曝光,周邊預計有8個項目將會受惠,涉及9萬伙,包括新地 (00016) 旗下多個私人項目。




Park YOHO近凹頭站 呎價看升

當中凹頭站將位於沙埔發展區附近,亦即是新地旗下Park YOHO,項目2016年開始推售,目前實用呎價約1.3萬至1.8萬元左右,相信日後在凹頭站開通之後將會受惠於鐵路發展。

至於新地亦在周邊成功收購了大批農地儲備,當中位於Park YOHO東面的長春新村項目,將會提供3,891伙;而沙埔項目第二期亦會提供約1,154伙。除了住宅外,新地在鄰近的榮基村一帶亦持有一個總樓面約60萬平方呎的商業項目。




錦綉花園鄰近的牛潭尾站則會位於橫平山南路附近,周邊除了政府物色發展的棕地群外,九建 (00034) 等亦擁有一個「綜合發展區」項目,將會興建逾150幢低密度住宅,涉及約201伙。





民生舖消費穩呎價低 投資者垂青




林子峰:為物業翻新 提升質素



鰂魚涌銀行舖 1.05億沽





5月工廈351買賣 近兩年次高


代理表示,工廈交投一季比一季暢旺,自去年次季以來,已連升4季,料第二季可持續上升並重越千宗水平。根據代理資料所得,2021年5月份全港共錄得351宗工廈物業買賣登記 (數字主要反映2至4星期前工廈市場實際市況),較4月份的382宗減少8%,為連升兩月後輕微回落,但仍為近24個月次高水平。5月份工廈登記總值錄得約32.68億元,按月跌39%,主因4月有較大額的全幢登記拉高基數所致。

觀塘兆富工廈地下 1.8億沽