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$639m Mount Nicholson sale sets new Asia record

A flat at Hong Kong's affluent Peak district has become the most expensive in Asia per square foot after fetching a whopping HK$639.8 million in a tender sale.

The 4,544-sq-ft Mount Nicholson flat with three parking spaces, located at 8 Mount Nicholson Road on The Peak, sold for an eye-watering HK$639.8 million or an average HK$140,000 per sq ft, the highest price for residential property in Asia, while a 4,186-sq-ft flat beside it fetched a tidy HK$560.92 million, or HK$134,000 per sq ft.

The two homes, with a combined price of more than HK$1.2 billion, are said to have been purchased by the same group of people.

Co-developed by the Wharf (0004) and Nan Fung Group, and sold by Wheelock Properties, Mount Nicholson opened six tenders - including the two flats that were sold - on November 5.

The previous Asian record was set by CK Asset's (1113) 21 Borrett Road in Mid-Levels earlier this year, where a 3,378-sq-ft unit including three parking spaces sold for HK$459.4 million, or HK$136,000 per sq ft.

Meanwhile, Wheelock Properties said the third price list for Monaco One in Kai Tak, which involves 170 units, will be opened soon and the first round of sales of 368 units, or 75 percent of the total, will kick off on Saturday.

The units in the latest price list, which covers one-bedroom to three-bedroom units, will be 5 percent more expensive than the second one, and the developer had received more than 3,000 checks as of Monday, according to managing director Ricky Wong Kwong-yiu.

Elsewhere, The Yoho Hub atop Yuen Long Station is expected to receive pre-sale consent by the end of this month, the developer Sun Hung Kai Properties (0016) said.

The entire project is divided into two phases - the incoming one has 1,030 flats, and the other 936, it said, adding that the first phase will provide one-bedroom to four-bedroom units, ranging from around 300 sq ft to about 1,200 sq ft.

Its other project, Wetland Seasons Bay phase two in Tin Shui Wai, opened sales for 136 units last night. This round of sales was 17 times oversubscribed after receiving 2,450 checks.

Separately, a total of 134 parking spaces at Grand Central in Kwun Tong will be put up for sale on November 20 with prices starting from HK$2.65 million, developer Sino Land (0083) said yesterday.

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Northern Metropolis: optimism fuels home prices while developers race to capture market upswing in Hong Kong’s northwestern region

A sold-out weekend for CK Asset’s #Lyos project underscores optimism on the housing market in the city’s northwestern region

Supply of new flats in Yuen Long, including Hung Shui Kiu and Tin Shui Wai, will be the highest across Hong Kong this quarter

Hong Kong’s vision for the Northern Metropolis development and the hot reception to CK Asset Holdings’ latest development in Hung Shui Kiu have fuelled optimism on home prices in the city’s northwestern region, analysts said.

Hung Shui Kiu, located 37km or a 40-minute drive from the central business district, will be upgraded to a core business district as part of the city’s plan to push growth away from the crowded city centre. Infrastructure projects will include a railway linking the district with Qianhai in Shenzhen, the richest city in southern Guangdong province.

“The government planned to soon develop the area and will invest in new infrastructure, and this will certainly improve the living environment in the area,” property agent said. “Those areas will definitely see prices rising faster than some developed regions.”

That optimism has helped fan sales of new flats in the area in recent weeks while developers are seen racing to the market to catch the upswing. Buyers snapped up all 200 units at #Lyos on Saturday, a project developed by Li Ka-shing’s CK Asset. It is first large-scale new project in northern Hong Kong to come to the market since the city unveiled its Northern Metropolis blueprint during the annual policy address last month.

Prices in Hung Shui Kiu are expected to outperform the overall gain in Hong Kong’s housing market by 5 per cent on “infrastructural advantages”, another agent said.

CK Asset collected more than HK$1.2 billion (US$154 million) from #Lyos last weekend, which included the sale of 13 duplex units by tender, the developer said. Some 10,000 people showed up to compete for the 200 flats, the agent estimated. The developer has offered another batch of 90 flats for sale on November 10 at higher prices to meet demand.

The Northern Metropolis concept boosted investors’ interest in #Lyos, another agent said. Some buyers were looking to buy their first homes, or upgrade to bigger units, while others were buying for investment, the agent added.

Most buyers from other areas “normally would not choose such a relatively distant location”, the agent said. “They think there is potential for development and investment.”

“Some buyers originally wanted to buy a second home in the Greater Bay Area but the border has not reopened yet,” agent said. So they decided to buy in Hung Shui Kiu instead given the anticipation of the Northern Metropolis, the agent added.

That is expected to heighten the competition among developers. The potential supply of new flats in Yuen Long, including Hung Shui Kiu, and Tin Shui Wai districts, would be about 1,759 units in the fourth quarter, the highest across Hong Kong, according to property agency.

The total number of residential transactions in the entire Yuen Long district, including Hung Shui Kiu, rose to 2,287 units last quarter, according to another property agency. The value more than doubled to HK$16.28 billion from a year earlier.

People are optimistic about home prices there, given the development potential and with limited supply, agent said. Hung Shui Kiu’s outlook is “definitely good” as the government will aggressively develop the Northern Metropolis, the agent added.

The Northern Metropolis plan will prompt “major developers to get ready”, agent said. “In the past, the buying desire for Hung Shui Kiu properties was not very strong. Now, confidence in the Northern Metropolis is huge.”

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本港豪宅屢創天價,山頂超級豪宅MOUNT NICHOLSON一個高層戶,剛以近六億四千萬成交,呎價高見十四萬零八百元,力壓中半山另一新盤特色戶,於今年初錄得呎價十三萬六千元的舊紀錄,創亞洲分層戶新高。


由九倉、南豐合作發展,並由會德豐地產負責銷售的山頂超級豪宅MOUNT NICHOLSON第三期,上月底推出六伙分層戶招標,並於昨日公布招標結果。據成交記錄冊顯示,項目連環售出分層單位十六樓C及D室,其中十六樓D室,面積四千五百四十四方呎,四套房間隔,連三個車位以六億三千九百七十多萬售出,以造價計,為該盤單一分層戶新高,至於成交呎價十四萬零八百元,不但為項目新高,更刷新亞洲分層戶紀錄。



資料顯示,舊紀錄為中半山21 BORRETT ROAD於今年二月所創,當時二十三樓一號室以四億五千九百萬沽出,呎價達十三萬六千元,最新再由「樓王常客」MOUNT NICHOLSON、相隔約九個月再重奪亞洲分層戶新高紀錄,並將紀錄推高百分之三點五。




港島豪宅新盤經常錄得新高價成交,除MOUNT NICHOLSON及21 Borrett Road外;另一高價豪宅西半山天匯,其複式戶亦曾以呎價十萬成交。此外,東半山傲璇地下複式戶,曾以每方呎九萬五千元高價沽出,同區另一豪盤CENTRAL PEAK,高層戶於去年以每方呎八萬一千元錄承接。




近年不少工廈申請重建發展,其中,長沙灣聯興工廠大廈向城規會申請重建一幢全新工廈。據城規會文件顯示,項目目前屬「其他指定用途」註明「商貿」及「政府、機構或社區」地帶,地盤約8800方呎,申請放寬地積比率約20%發展,增加至14.4倍,而建築物高度由主水平基準以上130米,以重建為一幢樓高27層 (包括1層地庫及1層平台) 的全新工廈,涉及可建總樓面約126719方呎。申請人指,擬議發展符合規劃意向,發展項目與周遭環境相互兼容;而且擬議發展中的建築設計將會提升城市規劃及設計優點,包括改善人流及車流、提升視覺觀感、改善街道景觀及有助通風對流。



華懋7100萬沽葵涌鋪 連售兩物業套現逾1.9億










新海濱地王 佔中環新增樓面一半

中環近年罕有商業地推出,未來將有4個大型項目陸續落成,料提供近300萬平方呎樓面,其中一半來自恒地 (00012) 以約508億元投得的中環新海濱地王。

4項目 料增300萬呎商業面積

中環核心區的商業地供應不多,剛好近年政府及市建局均有土地推出,再加上發展商自行重建旗下項目,預計未來4個大型項目陸續落成,將提供近300萬平方呎商業樓面。當中包括恒地上周以約508億元獨資投得中環新海濱3號用地,打破新地 (00016) 於2019年以約422億元奪得西九高鐵站項目紀錄,成為全港歷來最貴價地皮。若以項目商業樓面約161萬平方呎計算,每平方呎樓面地價約3.1萬元。


據恒地公布,項目將興建3座建築群,當中最接近海濱的建築物將作多用途之用,另外兩座作辦公室用途。在3幢建築物的天台將設有一個名為「Horizon Park」的相連平台串連起3座建築物,並以植物營造空中森林,同時提供草坪、緩跑徑及戶外空間予公眾使用。

項目零售、餐飲和娛樂空間等用途將會佔約94萬平方呎,將會較ifc商場 (約58萬平方呎) 大6成,其核心為1座6層高的水族館,另外提供約66萬平方呎辦公室樓面,並分為兩期發展,分別在2027年及2032年落成。


連同恒地於2017年以每平方呎約5萬元投得的美利道地王項目,恒地短短4年內連奪兩幅中環地王,增加了約207.5萬平方呎商業樓面。該美利道項目現時命名為The Henderson,由世界知名扎哈·哈迪德建築師事務所 (Zaha Hadid Architects) 設計,將重建為一座36層加5層地庫的甲級商業大廈,總樓面面積約46.5萬平方呎,預計於2023年落成。

另外,永泰、資本策略亦於2017年以逾百億元投得市建局嘉咸街、結志街及閣麟街交界地盤C商業項目,可建樓面約43.4萬平方呎,早前獲批興建兩幢商廈及酒店,供應逾43萬平方呎樓面。同時,長實 (01113) 亦於2019年展開重建和記大廈,預計於2023年落成,重建後的和記大廈,樓面面積將超過49萬平方呎,樓高約41層,並設185個停車位。



填海區兩地 作零售展覽用




另一矚目作 金鐘廊高院重建




中環誕地王 後市顯信心